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The Leanne Fund wins £5,000 Movement for Good Award

The Leanne Fund has won a £5,000 Movement for Good Award from Benefact Group thanks to nominations from the public.

The Leanne Fund has been selected to receive a £5,000 donation as part of Benefact Group's Movement for Good Awards, which is giving over £1million to charities for the fifth year running.

As the cost of living continues to increase, individuals and families living with cystic fibrosis (CF), are among those most affected.

In addition to rising fuel costs to attend essential hospital appointments, those with CF are also faced with higher food bills due to the cost involved in sustaining the high-calorie diet necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

Costs also include keeping their homes warm to prevent lung infections, and increased energy bills to run essential medical appliances such as nebulisers and oxygen concentrators.

With these costs having to take precedence of limited resources, individuals affected by Cystic Fibrosis often find themselves prioritising bills/rent over the additional nutrition vital for their wellbeing and this leads to increased hospital admissions.

Through the Movement for Good award, The Leanne Fund will provide supermarket vouchers to help offset this additional cost thus alleviating the stress for the individual or family. Alternatively, The Leanne Fund will make a direct payment to their energy provider to help with heating costs which in turn will mean they have more money to purchase essential food shopping.

Individuals can access this support via their CF team who will submit an application to The Leanne Fund on their behalf.

By providing CF sufferers and their families with this lifeline support, The Leanne Fund in partnership with Movement for Good will help to alleviate any unnecessary stress and anxiety for individuals and families.

Members of the public were invited to nominate a charity supporting children and young people to receive one of 10 special grants and winners, including The Leanne Fund, were drawn at random.

“We are so grateful to have been nominated for the Movement for Good award. Winning this award will allow us to provide vital, lifeline support for individuals and families affected by CF who are really struggling to make ends meet due to the ongoing cost of living crisis. Heartfelt thanks to all those who took the time to nominate The Leanne Fund.” said Chrisetta Mitchell, Development Manager for The Leanne Fund.

Mark Hews, Group Chief Executive of Benefact Group, says: “We would like to thank every single person who took the time to nominate a children and young people charity as part of our Movement for Good Awards. Benefact Group is the third largest corporate donor in the UK and has an ambition to be the biggest. Owned by a charity, all of its available profits go to good causes, and the more the Group grows, the more the Group can give. As a family of independent, specialist financial services, we are grateful to all our supporters, including the customers of the trusted insurer, Ecclesiastical, and the responsible and sustainable asset manager, EdenTree. We know that £5,000 can make a huge difference to the incredible work that children and young people charities do and we’re looking forward to seeing how this financial boost will help to nurture the next generation.”

Benefact Group has donated over £200million to charitable causes since 2014 and has been recognised as the third biggest corporate giver in the UK1. The organisation aims to reach £250million in donations by 2025.

Movement for Good is funded by EIO plc, part of the Benefact Group.


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