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Special Treats & Experiences

For individuals and families living with a life-limiting illness, every moment deserves to be treated as special. The pressure of diagnosis and ongoing treatment impacts daily on family life.
We want to provide families with an opportunity to make precious memories today that can be remembered and shared tomorrow.

By offering unique Special Treats and Experiences, tailored to your own specific needs, we want to give you to create  unforgettable moments together. 

Examples of Special Treats & Experience requests we have had recently have included: weekend breaks, theatre trips, sporting events such as attending football matches, spa days, family days to theme parks and musical events.

The Leanne Fund

How to apply for a Special Treat / Experience:

Application forms for this service are provided to families at the discretion of the CF Nurse Specialist and prioritised for families on a lower income.

Remember, The Leanne Fund want to support the entire family and so it is permissible to include parents/carers and siblings in your special treat/experience.

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