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Pamper Hampers

We will deliver a hamper full of essential toiletries and snacks to children and adults who are spending time in hospital for IV antibiotics and other necessary treatments.


Each Pamper Hamper is lovingly put together by a member of our team and delivered to CF patients across Scotland on admission.

Our Pamper Hampers help to relieve the stress of admission by delivering these essential items directly to their hospital bedside. A typical hamper for a young man would include – razor & blades, shaving foam, shower gel, moisturiser, shampoo, toothpaste, tissues, flannel, high energy snacks, juice and puzzle books/magazines.

Hampers for children will include their favourite snacks and toiletries and also games/ books to help relieve boredom during lengthy hospital stays.

Your CF nurse will inform us of your admission and we will arrange for delivery of hamper.

Clinic Care Packs

The Leanne Fund

Our recently introduced Clinic Care packs are made available to patients who have been required to fast for annual review or other procedures, or to patients who need a little pick me up.

The care packs are created with the patient in mind. We have a variety of care packs to cater for all age groups which are filled with high energy treats. They are handed out to patients at the discretion of the dedicated CF Teams in each of our support regions.”

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